Data and Payments for your Smart Contracts

Give your smart contracts reliable access to key data feeds, any web API and traditional payment networks

Access Critical Data Feeds

Give your smart contract the data it needs about the external world

Use Traditional Payments

Send payments using the world's existing financial infrastructure

Connect Existing Software

Use your existing infrastructure to trigger smart contract events

"10% of global gross domestic product (GDP) stored on blockchain technology" = $8,500,000,000,000+

What is the value of smart contracts? Read the full WEF report here

Ethereum Smart Oracles

Give your Ethereum smart contracts access to external resources like data feeds, your internal systems, additional blockchains and traditional banks/payment networks.

Make your Ethereum Oracle

Bitcoin Smart Oracles

Input any event from a data feed into the Bitcoin blockchain; allowing your bitcoin smart contracts to provably sign off on any external event as part of their operation.

Make your Bitcoin Oracle

Bitcoin Backed Smart Bonds

Create a smart bond that can hold and release its principal on its own, while also monitoring interest payments in various currencies using spot price data feeds.

Make your Smart Bond

Automated Service Level Agreements

Automatically release payment when a service provider meets their obligations at pre-defined levels. Create a SEO search rank smart contract to try it out free.

Make your Service Level Smart Contract

Blockchain-based Supply Chains

Automatically release payment for international shipments once the goods have arrived, cleared customs and been approved by your bank's letter of credit.

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