Data and Payments for your Smart Contracts

Give your smart contracts reliable access to critical data feeds, any web API and widely accepted payments

Access Key Data Sources

Give your smart contract the data they need to become operational

Send Any Kind of Payment

Send payments through widely accepted payment methods

Connect Across Networks

Connect your smart contract to leading public or private networks

a new approach to an existing process or developing a new product, is a great positive for the industry.
~ Fabian Vandenreydt, SWIFT Global Head of Securities
View SWIFT's initial implementation of their Smart Oracle

Ethereum Oracle

Connect your Ethereum smart contracts to critical data feeds, any web API and various
widely accepted payment methods.

Launch Ethereum Oracle

Bitcoin Oracle

Have external events send bitcoin transactions as payment, or use bitcoin addresses to sign off on various data.

Launch Bitcoin Oracle

Hyperledger Oracle

Connect your Hyperledger smart contracts to critical data feeds, any web API and many
widely accepted payment methods.

Create Hyperledger Oracle

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